Septic Dye Testing

Septic Dye Testing
A home that relies upon a private septic system to dispose of waste water from the home can offer special challenges for homeowners.

Septic systems are complex and fragile systems that require routine maintenance, draining and inspection to ensure that the system is still effectively and safely handling solid waste from the home.

However, septic systems are often neglected and fail to get the proper attention needed to ensure proper function which can result in a system failure that is extremely costly to correct.

When buying a home with a septic system it is imperative that home buyers have the septic system inspected to ensure the system functions properly and can meet the demands of the household.

Septic dye testing is the simplest and most affordable method to detect an issue with a septic system. The test is performed by the introduction of a dye into the septic system and flooding the system with household water. The grounds around the system are then inspected to determine if the dye has found its way to the surface indicating an issue with the ability of the septic system to properly drain liquid into the surrounding soil.

It should be noted, even though Northern Home Inspection Services, L.L.C. will perform a septic dye test if requested by our clients; these types of tests are limited and should never be considered a replacement for a full septic system inspection.

Septic dye tests merely provide the least invasive and therefore least costly method to test the proper function of a home’s septic system.