Pre-Listing Home Inspection
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Understanding the Pre-Listing Home Inspection

It is estimated that nearly eighty-five percent of home buyers request a home inspection before purchasing a home and most mortgage lenders mandate inspections as part of the loan process. So, it is a safe bet that homeowners considering selling their home have a very good chance that their home will face the scrutiny of a home inspector contracted by the buyer.

As is the nature of the home inspection business, home inspectors often find defects, both large and small, that may raise some concerns with potential home buyers regarding the condition or safety of a home that may adversely its value or jeopardize the sale entirely.

These “eleventh-hour” surprises are not only frustrating for potential home buyers seeking a new home for their family but also for sellers eager to finalize the sale of their home. However, home inspections are not just for buyers attempting to determine whether a home is safe and worthy of the financial investment, but also a valuable tool for homeowners considering placing their home on the market.

Pre-listing inspections offer an invaluable advantage to sellers who want to take a proactive approach to the sale of their home by providing them the opportunity to have their home inspected by a certified professional home inspector and correct any defects before they become an issue that could potentially have a negative impact on the real estate transaction.

These types of inspections are conducted in the same manner as the pre-sale inspections performed by the buyer’s inspector, they document the condition of the home, note any evident defects and provide recommendations for any necessary corrections that can help homeowners make their home market ready.

Homeowners who focus on the condition of their home before placing it on real estate market do not experience the lengthy delays necessary to hire contractors for repairs, they also avoid being compelled to make costly concessions to the buyer to cover the cost of those repairs and more importantly, they are less likely to have potential buyers look elsewhere.

Pre-listing inspections also ensure that the seller is in compliance with full disclosure laws regarding real estate transactions by discovering any defects that you may be held liable for later.

Sellers who have their home inspected prior to placing it on the market can provide proof to hesitate buyers that they have made the steps necessary to ensure their home is a worthy investment, and this expression of good faith can lead to a less stressful real estate transaction for all parties involved.

If you are planning on putting your house on the market, you should also consider having it inspected by a certified professional home inspector. Give Northern Home Inspection Services, L.L.C.  a call at (315) 298-0381 or contact us by email at rob@nhiservices.com and we will be happy to inspect your home to help provide you with the confidence that your home is ready to compete for the attention of buyers on the real estate market.